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Cheezy Chase

“Dorothy the little mouse has a rumbling tummy. To stock up, she has to get out of her hole and explore the house in search of cheese. So she ventures out in search of delicious little golden cubes. But beware! The house is littered with mouse traps. And if that’s not enough, Kitty is on the prowl, ready to pounce on her and eat her up.

Cheezy Chase is a stop-or-go game for 2 to 5 mice ages 5 and up.”

Game Rules

Duration: 10 min.
2 to 5 players, 5 years and older

Set up : Make a pile with the object cards. The Super Mouse cards are set aside for the first game(s) (this is mostly based on the age of those around the table); then once the core mechanics are understood, players choose one of the Super Mouse cards for the game. Each Super Mouse card has a special and unique ability.

Round of play : On his or her turn, the player draws the first card from the deck. He or she may decide to stop and put the card aside, or he or she may continue to draw. But beware, as soon as the player has 3 cats and/or mouse traps visible on the drawn cards, the player’s turn ends and the player loses all the cards drawn this turn.

A player’s turn ends, as soon as he draws a card with 3 cheeses or if he has revealed 3 traps or 3 cats.

End of the Game : As soon as the last card of the deck has been revealed, the game ends. The mice (players) count the number of cheeses they have and whoever has the most wins the game!

Language: French and English
Publisher : Ôz Éditions

Price: 19,99$


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