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Boîte du jeu Solluna


With Fakir, your brain cells will experience all kinds of excitement on every floor.

Equipped with sticks of your own color, you will have to insert them, horizontally or vertically, in the block.

If you have enough of them in the block, you can even remove some, and make all the ones that were resting on it fall down…
preferably not your own!

Game Rules

Duration: 10 min.
2 to 4 players, 7 years and older

GOAL OF THE GAME: The last one able to play a stick is the winner.


  • Each player takes sticks.
    • 2 players : 10 sticks of the same colour (red/green).
    • 3 players : 7 sticks of the same colour (red/green/blue).
    • 4 players : 5 sticks of the same colour (red/green/blue/yellow).
    • 4 players, in teams of 2 : 10 of the same colour for each team to be shared equally. The players sit opposite their partners (red/green).
  • Lots are drawn to choose the first player and then the other players continue clockwise.
  • The player must play and can either:
    • Completely pierce the cuboid horizontally with one of their sticks.
    • Place one of their sticks vertically in one of the holes at the top of the base.
    • Remove any horizontally placed stick, provided that they have at least two of their (or their team’s) sticks placed vertically AND that this move causes one or more of the vertically placed sticks to fall down.
      • If the removed stick belongs to them, they keep it and may play it again later.
      • If the removed stick does not belong to them, they cannot keep it. They must put it back in the base in place of one of their own (or their team’s) vertically placed sticks. The player then keeps the exchanged stick and may play it again later.
      • If all the player’s (or the team’s) vertical sticks disappear, the removed stick is given back to the player (or to the player of the opposing team) on their left, to whom it belongs; so it may also be played again later.
  • When one or more sticks disappear in the base, they are removed (by lifting up the base) and eliminated from the game.
  • When a player can no longer place or remove sticks, and only in this case, they must eliminate one of their own sticks (already played or in their hand) by removing it from the game and without playing this round.
  • A player who has no more sticks in their hand or in the base is eliminated.
  • The last player to play, meaning the last one not to be eliminated, wins the game. 


  • A rectangular cuboid.
  • 32 coloured sticks.

    Language: French and English
    Publisher: Ludarden

    Price: 36,99$


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