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Play Golfie with your family and friends! Take turns announcing the action to be played to all players by revealing an “action” card. Reveal, move and try to make combos! Watch out for the crocodiles that can make you lose your golf ball…

Complete the 18-hole course by collecting your low-value cards to get the lowest score and win the game!

Game Rules

Duration: 25 min.

1 to 8 players, 7 years and older

Product # : MOMENTUM-0000111

Language: French and English

Author: Jimmy Dorion

Publisher: Les Éditions Momentum



Golfie Kart


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Il y a du talent au Québec! Quel plaisir de vous présenter une autre belle création d’ici : Golfie! Le tout premier jeu...

Publiée par C't'à ton tour sur Jeudi 24 mars 2022


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