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Huis Clos

A cooperative literary investigation game built like a detective series: 10 episodes, 23 characters, 10 victims. It’s up to you to investigate!

Game Rules

Duration: 45 min.
1 to 6 players, 14 years and older

GOAL OF THE GAME : Solve the crimes! Find out who the culprit is, with what weapon and his or her motive before you decide!


A unity of time and place:
All the action takes place in the confines of the Winsbury’s manor, in the north of England in the 1920s.

A simple and efficient gameplay:
No need for rules, just let yourself be guided by the instructions given on the cards, the game is set up in less than 5 minutes, the game time does not exceed 45 min. There are 7 suspects per investigation. For each character, the players have an identity card and a statement to read aloud.

GAME MECHANICS : Investigation


  • 160 cards
  • 5 dividers

TYPE OF GAME : Family and Investigation


Language: French
Author / Publisher : Ôz Éditions

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According to Carnets 2 weekends

SSRP: 34,99$


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