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KIWARA – Savannah in Swahili. A seemingly peaceful, charming landscape, but within which two rival bands of wild animals are engaged in a merciless struggle for the conquest of the most attractive territories. Kiwara is the reissue of the famous game Drôles de Zèbres released in 2004.

Game Rules

Duration: 30 min.
2 players, 8 years and older

GOAL OF THE GAME: The goal of the game is to take control of the territories by being in the majority. The goal is to get the most points from the animal tokens at the end of the game. Each animal token has a different value.


Each player starts the game with 15 animal tokens. These are placed by type of animal on the board.
The players take turns playing. The first player must place the totem on one of the paths opposite a row of his or her choice. Then, the other player will perform the following 2 actions: 1- place an animal on the board and 2- move the totem pole from 1 to 3 spaces.

There are a few rules to follow:

  • The active player must place one of his or her animal tokens on an empty square among those present on the row in front of the totem;
  • The totem must be moved from 1 to 3 squares in a clockwise direction;
  • If the first territory is completely filled, the player who filled the territory puts his or her hand on the Okapi card.

GAME MECHANICS: Majority control


  • 1 Double-Sided Game Board
  • 30 Sticks
  • 30 Animal Tokens
  • 1 Totem
  • 10 Reinforcement Cards
  • 1 Rule Book

TYPE OF GAME : Family, Duel (2 players)

Product number : OZ-0001010

Language: French & English
Author / Publisher : Ôz Éditions
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SSRP: 29,99$


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