The Reward


Participate in the biggest auction of all time and collect the most winnings in dollars and goods to win the game! 3-6 players, 8+ years and up.

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You are among the lucky ones.
Best of luck to you!
Participate in the biggest auction of all time and make your wildest dreams come true by getting the items everyone wants!
At the beginning of the game, each player chooses a home, a car and another item, either a curiosity or a work of art. The game time is then determined by the players and added to the timer.

Throughout the game, events will be triggered, allowing players to acquire new items and expand their collection.

Each player must earn the most money in dollars and other commodities.

The game ends when the game time runs out or when all the real estate is used up.
The player who finishes with the biggest amount wins the game!

This box contains:

– 1 board in 4 pieces
– 96 property cards (24x each category)
– 24 cards of real estate goods
– 48 cards of other assets
– 6 value list cards
– 6 credit cards
– 125 banknotes (25x yellow, orange and pink – 30x green – 20x blue)
– 6 meeples
– 72 clips
– 1 6-sided die
– 1 booklet with the rules of the game
– an encyclopedia.

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8 years and up

Author / Editor

Les Éditions Momentum



Number of players

3 to 6 players


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