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RagnaRok Star

Odin has promised a place in Valhalla to whichever band gives the greatest rock concert of all time. The bands of vikings can really rock, but they don’t have any fans.

” By Thør’s hammer, that can’t be! We’ll have to rock them with some sick beats! ”

Game rules

Duration: 30-45 min.
2 to 4 players, 10 years and older

RagnaRok Star is a contest to get the most fans.

Whichever player has the most glory points at the end of the 7th round wins. Glory points are won by filling your concert hall or by completing contracts.

The winner gets to play for Odin and earns his/her place in Valhalla.

Weight: 1,6 kg

Languages: French and english

Author / editor : Perte & Fracas

Retail price: 52,99$

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