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Shy Monsters

On the one hand, the Dungeon Master builds 3 successive floors in which he hides his monsters. On the other hand, the Hero uses his special actions and insight to try to reach the exit, alive.

Game Rules

Duration: 10 to 20 min.
2 players, 10 years and older

GOAL OF THE GAME: If you are the Dungeon Master, your goal is to capture the Hero before he finds the 3rd dungeon exit. If you are the Hero, foil the Dungeon Master’s strategies to find all 3 Dungeon exits and claim victory!


Shy Monsters is played in 3 phases:

  1. Dungeon Master
    The Dungeon Master takes 2 random Monster tiles as well as 3 Corridor tiles and 1 Exit. He places the tiles on the table, face down and connected to each other.
  2. Heroes
    Depending on the current floor, the hero reveals 0 to 2 tiles. Then he moves on the floor to find the exit. He can explore (discover an adjacent tile) or use 1 of his “Attack or Jump” skills.
  3. Destroying the level
    Monster tiles are discarded. If a Monster card had not been revealed, it remains face down. The Dungeon Master collects the 3 Corridor tiles and the Exit tile. Repeat the first phase and start the next floor.

GAME MECHANICS: Game of deduction, bluffing and tile placement


  • 15 tiles
  • 1 knight counter
  • the rules

GAME TYPE: Duel and Bluff


Language: French, English, Italian and German
Author / publisher: Ôz Éditions

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Price: 17,99$


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