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Boîte du jeu Solluna

Tasso Safari

Place your animal stick on the game board. If you put a stick on two others that are not already supporting one, you play again …. But be careful, you can’t touch the scenery: Kilimanjaro, the lake or the trees! Be the first to have placed all your sticks to win!

Game Rules

Duration: 20 min.
2 to 4 players, 8 years and older

GOAL OF THE GAME : You must be the first to place all your animal sticks on the game board. Putting a stick on two others will allow you to play once more and get a head start on your opponents.


  • Put the board in the middle of the playing area.
  • Place the landmarks freely on the board.
  • Each player receive the same number of sticks :
    • 2 players : each player gets 3 sticks of each animal (total of 18 sticks).
    • 3 players : each player gets 2 sticks of each animal (total of 12 sticks).
    • 4 players : the game is played as a team. Teammates face each other. Each team receives 3 sticks of each animal (18 sticks in total). Each team shares the 18 sticks equally. Choose a starting player randomly. The game is played clockwise.


  • On your turn, you must lay one of your stick flat:
    • Directly on the board. Part of the stick is allowed to be outside the board (then, your turn is over).
    • Or, on two sticks already laid which are not supporting any others and which are at the same height.

You CANNOT place your stick on a single stick, or on a landmark.

When you succeed, you play again. This is limitless. You can lay your stick on the third or fourth level and so on, as long as you succeed. As soon as you have let go of the stick, you can’t touch it anymore.



  • You must not touch any landmarks or any any other sticks on the board (except the two supporting sticks).
  • You must not make other sticks fall or move. You must not cause any sticks to fall on or off the board.


  • You recover your stick, plus those fallen, if any.
  • You are given an extra stick from the previous player / You receive a stick from the previous player’s reserve
  • Then, you may play again.


The player or team that has placed all their sticks on the board wins!

    Language: French and English
    Publisher: Ludarden

    Price: 43,99$


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