In an interview with Mario Loubier, speaker, coach and trainer for business entrepreneurs, Stéphane Fournier, creator of The Reward, discussed the history and inspiration behind the creation of the game.

Based on this interview, we would like to introduce you to Mr. Fournier and share with you the origins of his project.

It all started in March of last year, in the middle of the pandemic. Like most people, Stéphane Fournier, who is confined to his home, is looking for hobbies to make this stage less painful. He decided to dig out his old board games to liven up his family evenings.

Soon, the Fournier family went through their inventory of games and eventually got tired of them. However, one game in particular caught Mr. Fournier’s attention: Les Grands Maîtres. This game, released in 1970, features an art auction in which the players take part.

The game is interesting, but lacks a certain dynamism. Stéphane Fournier, who works in the printing industry, slowly started to think about making a more modern, fun version.

Thus, he started to make tests on an old wooden game, on which he added squares with small pieces of paper. Little by little, the game that would become The Reward begins to take shape and its creator begins to believe in it more seriously. He began the physical design of the game, drawing inspiration from a multitude of games whose boxes and boards he studied.

The production of the first prototypes of The Reward was started in the workshops of Infographie Boréale, owned by Mr. Fournier. After a few trials and with the support of an outstanding team, his vision finally materializes.

Having participated in the invention, design and manufacturing of the game, Mr. Fournier is especially proud of having succeeded in creating a board game entirely produced in Quebec. This is a rare feat, but one that also brought its share of challenges, especially in terms of manufacturing costs.

Now, the next challenge that stands in the way of Stéphane Fournier is to make his game known. The creator of The Reward is now in the marketing stage, trying to find the next lucky ones who will participate in the biggest auction of all time.

In Quebec, The Reward has received rave reviews and applause from the board game community, something Fournier is particularly proud of. The game is currently available in over 200 retail outlets and is sold under some of Quebec’s most prestigious banners, such as Renaud-Bray.

After receiving critical acclaim in Quebec, Mr. Fournier has great ambitions for his game internationally. In fact, he is currently preparing the launch of The Reward in the United States and is targeting the European market by the end of the year. It goes without saying that Infographie Boréale’s production continues unabated. The Ste-Agathe workshop is producing at full capacity, in preparation for the big rollout in the 2021 holiday season.

To get your copy of The Reward, please visit our online store or various points of sale throughout Quebec.


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