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Torpedo Dice

Be the first player to destroy your opponent’s submarine by targeting all of its vital systems. But if you run out of spare torpedoes, you will lose this battle!

Game Rules

Duration: 15 min.
1 to 4 players, 8 years and older

GAME GOAL: To be the first to destroy the opponent’s submarine.

SETUP: At the beginning of the game, each player receives a board and a card. One more dice is used than the number of players.

GAME TURN: The first player (chosen at random) rolls the dice. There are then 3 phases:

  1. Choose a dice: Starting with the first player and continuing clockwise, each player chooses a dice and places it next to their board
  2. Modify the dice (optional): Players may, if they wish, use one of their previously activated (not destroyed) systems to modify their dice. A system is active if the switch is checked.
  3. Torpedo or Activate: Players choose one of these 2 actions.
    Torpedoing consists of drawing the dots of our dice on the submarine on our sheet (the submarine we need to sink).

GAME MECHANICS: Roll & Write, dice, confrontation

MATERIALS INCLUDED: 5 dice, 4 double-sided erasable boards, 4 erasable markers, 1 set of rules

GAME TYPE: Family and Roll & Write


Language: French, English and Italian
Author / publisher:Ôz Éditions

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🎥 How to play – Watch the video 

MSRP: 24,99$


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